This weekend ends with a total eclipse of the Super Moon


Enthusiasts for watching the night sky will have good reason to stay awake at dawn.

It will be at dawn on the 21st – between Sunday and Monday – that there will be a total eclipse of the Super Moon, which will give good reasons to stay awake at night. Especially for those who love the observation of the night sky.

The Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon says that the eclipse will start at 2:35 am, with the Moon entering the twilight of the Earth, and the total eclipse begins at 4:41. The apogee for the total eclipse will be 5h12, and it will be only four minutes after our natural satellite enters the Full Moon phase, which will result in the much anticipated Super Eclipse total eclipse.

It will be at 5:44 am that the total eclipse ends, with the Moon progressively losing the characteristic reddish tinge of this phenomenon.

The total eclipse of the super moon can take place at a late hour, but if you are in doubt whether to watch in no, take into account that the next phenomenon of this type happens only on May 26, 2021.

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