Timor approves cooperation with Portugal in the area of ​​Social Security

The Timorese Government today approved the cooperation program between the Portuguese Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security and the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion of Timor-Leste from 2019 to 2022.

The document will be signed on March 16 in Dili by the Timorese Social Solidarity and Inclusion Minister, Armanda Berta dos Santos, and the Portuguese Secretary of State for Social Security, Cláudia Joaquim, a Timorese Ministry source said.

Democracy, the rule of law and human rights, human development and eradication of poverty, children’s rights and gender equality are the three main axes of Portugal’s sectoral program of support, with actions in the social area and in institutional capacity building, according to the Timorese Government.

These three axes were defined based on the “objectives and priorities agreed by the governments of the two countries,” he said.

The Portuguese Secretary of State arrived today in Dili for a one-week visit to the country, representing the minister José António Vieira da Silva and at the invitation of Armanda Berta dos Santos, with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations in the area of ​​Security Social.

Cláudia Joaquim plans to visit centers of social action in various parts of the country and inaugurate, on Saturday, the first Block of the Community Center of Same, south of Dili, financed with Portuguese support.

On Thursday, the delegation of the Secretary of State moves to Manatuto and Baucau, east of Dili, to visit centers of social action. The next day, he will be back in the capital to meet, among other places, the National Rehabilitation Center and the Padre António Vieira Youth Center.

Next Monday, the Portuguese official should visit social centers in the enclave of Oecusse-Ambeno.

One of the highlights of the visit is April 16 when a Social Security Conference, sponsored by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion and the National Social Security Institute, is held.

The conference will look at aspects such as bilateral cooperation in this area and the Timorese social security system.

The cooperation agreement between the two countries should be signed at that time.

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