TOOLTO launches platform to improve health care management

TOOLTO – Super Assistência, a Portuguese start-up in the area of ​​mobility services and Insurtech, launched the Tool to (Care) platform, which aims to contribute to an improvement in the Customer experience in healthcare management.

In recent times, there has been a major change in health care and this is likely to continue in the future. In the face of a radical transformation, systems needed to adapt and one of the greatest challenges is the proximity between healthcare providers and users at a time when distance is mandatory.

To get around this issue, TOOLTO launches Tool to (Care), a new platform that works as a service with an integrated approach that promotes better health care management, managing needs at a distance, through agile solutions, mutual benefits, modularity, personalization, and health care marketplace, not only in the event of a medical event but also through a proactive preventive module.

The healthcare services available on the Tool to Care platform are composed of health professionals and act as a health advisor, based on medical needs, history, and symptoms.

The platform integrates different types of services: health counseling, medical transportation, home support, second medical opinion, tele-assistance, and medicine or prescription of prescriptions and delivery of medicines, among others.

All of these services are supported by technologies already used by TOOLTO, such as omnichannel, the Marketplace for selling services, enabling follow-up by Whatsapp or telemedicine, and with the possibility of medical consultations by videoconference.

“Health care providers, Insurers and Hospitals have been faced with the challenge of reinventing themselves while looking to improve the provision of flawless service. On the other hand, users of these services often feel lack of follow-up and lack of information about what they can do, how and where. Tool to (Care) intends to humanize this journey, facilitating not only the process of responding to any medical event, but also all other needs before and after any event, such as the simple knowledge of whether everything is okay and normality”, says Nuno Sobral, CEO of TOOLTO.

The platform is already being used by IMA Ibérica Assistência, through the Daily Life service. “Currently, when someone is faced with a medical event, many questions arise, but often the answers are unclear and we are unable to obtain the appropriate and prompt support we need before, during and after the event. That is why we decided to bet on Tool to (Care), in order to be able to provide an even better tele-assistance service to our users, as well as all other coverage of Vida Diária”, reveals Eduardo Piçarra, Country Manager at IMA Ibérica Assistência.

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