Vitral de azulejos will be in the consulate of Portugal in New York

The window based on the patterns of Portuguese tiles built yesterday by emigrants and residents of the Soho neighborhood will be permanently exposed at the Consulate General of Portugal in New York.

Under the auspices of ‘Portugal in Soho’, an annual event of the Art Institute promoted with the purpose of recalling the Portuguese cultural heritage in Manhattan, the initiative joined yesterday afternoon about 150 members of the Portuguese community of Soho, New York. inspired the typical patterns of Portuguese tiles to create custom-made transparent acrylic plaques that designed on the floor of Sullivan Street the shadows of the graphic patterns designed, forming a unique piece.

The execution of this artistic community was counted on the guidance of the artists Joana Brito and Ricardo Miranda, directors of The House next door, the artistic center located in Vila Nova de Famalicão.

The realization of this project in New York also meant the starting point of Casa Ao Lado for an internationalization process that will continue, in 2020, to carry out community artistic interventions with the Portuguese communities to reside in the city of Praia, in Cape Verde, and in Brasilia (Brazil), and also in the Portuguese Neighborhood in Malacca, Malaysia.

It is recalled that, last April, CASA A LADO inaugurated in Famalicão the project Labirinto das Artes, an interpretive center of graphics that constitutes a unique space in the country, where the evolution of the history of graphics worldwide, from Rock Art to the Art of the 21st Century, is presented in a creative way that assumes itself as a learning space.

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