Web Summit announces Nutrix as PITCH winner

Swiss medtech startup Nutrix was announced as Web Summit’s PITCH winner.

PITCH, in partnership with Siemens, brings together the world’s leading early-stage startups for a live onstage battle. 900 of the 2,100 startups exhibiting at Web Summit took part in the PITCH competition, which took place over the three days of the conference.

From Basel, Switzerland, Nutrix is developing a needle-free device for diabetics that provides continuous monitoring of glucose in real time. The founders met at MIT Labs and set up the medtech startup back in March of this year. They have partnered with high tech labs to help develop biosensory devices. “Investment for the development of the prototype is very important. It’s not like developing an app with a few developers. We need high tech labs,” says Maria Hanh, CEO and founder of Nutrix.

“PITCH has put us in front of the right people. Our booth gave us the opportunity to connect with new investor contacts, and once we pitched in the semi-finals, our chat in the Web Summit app was full of messages. It’s really great to get this kind of exposure. I’ve pitched to the public before but the size of the PITCH audience is very impressive,” she continues. “Nutrix has a long term vision that goes further than just glucose. That’s our current focus, but ultimately we want to go into how we monitor the reaction of the immune system. We’re going to disrupt the way health is monitored. Today, it’s only when you’re unwell that you get the information from your doctor.

We want to give people the chance to monitor this data before. Through PITCH, we’ve been pointed in the right direction.” – says Nikjil Singh, co-founder of Nutrix

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