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Wipeout Beat | Aveiro 🗓 🗺


Wipeout Beat is the new band of 3 veterans of the Coimbra music scene. Carlos Dias, Pedro “Calhau” Antunes and Miguel Padilha spent / are in bands such as Bunnyranch, Subway Riders, Garbage Catz, Jigsaw, Lost Objects and others, which gave the city its well-known sound diversity.

A panoply of keyboards, 3 voices and a guitar, sound like the dirtiest garage, but also the minimal sounds of Suicide or Philip Glass, “primitive electronics” as you have been called, all at the rhythm of an old mailbox. – Roland CR-8000, which makes it impossible not to stomp.

Recorded and produced at the Blue House Studios in Coimbra, “Small cities big thoughts” was edited in 2018 by Lux Records and is the result of year and a half of long and fun nights, discovering, exploring and creating simple music for uncomplicated people. Likes to dance/rock.

others things to do
Teatro Aveirense - Rua Belém do Pará - Aveiro Map

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