World Press Cartoon with 900 works in 2019

The biggest event of the genre held in Portugal, this year received 900 caricatures and drawings from 68 countries and has the contest 71 new authors, revealed today the jury of the event.

The “opening of the call [for the submission of papers] earlier” and the fact that the event was, for the second year, “open to the internet” justified, according to the organizer and chair of the jury, António Antunes, contest in the 2019 edition of the World Press Cartoon (WPC).

The jury, meeting in Caldas da Rainha, analyzed between Monday and today “900 caricatures and drawings, from 68 countries,” among which, said the cartoonist, “there are 71 new authors.

US President Donald Trump has remained the most caricatured figure in this issue in which issues such as “Syria, Refugees and Brexit have once again marked the presence “and” reflect the issues that have filled the television sets and the newspapers, “among the novelties, with works on” the yellow vests “that staged the protests in France.

The competition includes drawings in the categories of Editorial, Caricature and Drawing of Humor – published between December 1 and 31, 2018 in newspapers and magazines of regular periodicity and sale to the public, or in professional online publications of recognized journalistic nature.

The best cartoons and cartoons were selected by the jury that includes António Antunes, the cartoonists Manuel Peres (Portugal), Maria Picassó (Spain), Óscar Grilo (Argentina) and Cássio Loredano (Argentina). Brazil).

A Herculean work,” said Manuel Peres, highlighting “the role of the jury” in the selection of the works that mark the event that defines as “a universal event brought to Portugal” by the organization of the event.

The cartoons, cartoons and drawings submitted to the contest show how “in different parts of the world the same phenomena can be seen, sometimes even a local phenomenon, but it goes on [in the press] everywhere“, emphasized Maria Picassó.

For Catalan, this year’s edition is marked by “too much Trump” caricatured in a world where “one must not forget that there are many more evil ones to bring to light.

The winning cartoons of the 2019 edition will be announced on May 4, at a gala this year in advance “to try to attract students from the schools for the exhibition” that will be, after delivery of the prizes, patent at the Cultural and Congress Center (CCC ) of Caldas da Rainha.

The World Press Cartoon has been held in Caldas da Rainha since 2017, the year in which the event was relaunched after a stop in 2016, due to lack of financial support for the event that took place in Sintra from 2005 to 2015.

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