Xutos & Pontapés at Nights F

After Fernado Daniel, on Friday was the turn of Xutos & Pontapés to take the stage in the festivities of Festival F, in Faro

Between the opening night, with Diogo Piçarra, and the closing night, with Miguel Araújo, there is humor with César Mourão, Herman José and Salvador Martinha; magic with Luís de Matos; and lots of music: from the pops of Aurea, Agir, D.A.M.A and Fernando Daniel, to the heavy metal of the Moonspell or the hip-hop of Piruka, passing by the special shows, in duet, by Tiago Nacarato & Bárbara Tinoco and Carolina Deslandes & Jimmy P, until the concerts of António Zambujo, Os Quatro e Meia, Pedro Abrunhosa, Sérgio Godinho, The Black Mamba and Xutos & Pontapés, these 20 shows celebrate the reunion between the public and the artists, with their eyes set on the F of Future.

Xutos & Pontapes, Noites F, Faro © Luis Mirra Serrão – Portugalinews

Rádio Comercial and MEO, presented on Friday night, August 28, the unmissable Portuguese rock bandXutos & Pontapés, which has Tim on the electric bass and vocalist, Kalu on drums, João Cabeleira on the guitar, and Gui on the saxophone.

The group came to present the songs from their latest album entitled “Duro“, released on January 25, 2019, and celebrate the band’s 40th career anniversary. This album, which was the first created after the death of Zé Pedro, had the help of Jorge Palma, Capicua, and Carlão.

Xutos & Pontapes, Noites F, Faro © Luis Mirra Serrão – Portugalinews

Imprevistos“, made with Jorge Palma and Capicua, was the opening theme that received the Xutos on the stage of Festival F.

Themes like “Duro”, “Alepo“, “Fim do mundo“, “Às vezes“, “Sementes do impossível“, “Enquanto a note cai” and “Mar de Outono” were some of the tracks, from this last album, that we heard during the concert and, with the participation, on video, of Carlão, the band played “Duelo ao Sol“.

Xutos, with the energy that is recognized by them, also revisited older albums, “N’América“, “Falcão“, “Salve-se quem puder“, “Avé Maria” and “Remar Remar“, “Homem do leme” from the album “Cerco“, and, from the album “Xutos & Pontapés”, “Falcão” was heard.

Xutos & Pontapes, Noites F, Faro © Luis Mirra Serrão – Portugalinews

Remembering Zé Pedro, mythical guitarist of Xutos, who died on November 30, 2017, the band sang “Não sou o único” and “Quero the tanto“, from the album “Circo de feras“.

During the concert, the audience, always faithful, had a hard time keeping themselves seated, and, in the end, they were brought up with classics like “Contentores“, “À minha maneira“, “Sou Bom“, “A minha casinha” and ended the show with the emblematic song “Para ti, Maria“.

Xutos & Pontapes, Noites F, Faro © Luis Mirra Serrão – Portugalinews

On ‘Noites F’, the 20 shows that symbolically celebrate Festival F are taking place at Largo da Sé, which traditionally hosts the Sé Stage, with the remaining stages and spaces of the festival, Quintalão, Museum, Ria, Fábrica, Formosa, Sé cloisters, among others, waiting for 2021 to start receiving music, fine arts, workshops, new circus, theater, humor, and gatherings, in a rich and diversified program that has continued to grow over 6 editions.

The ‘Noites F’ seek to help to keep the spirit of Festival F alive, at a time when artists and the Portuguese most need culture and entertainment to face the challenges brought by the pandemic positively and with hope. ‘Noites F’ is an initiative of the Municipality of Faro, the Municipal Theater of Faro, S.M., Ambifaro, and the producer Sons em Trânsito.


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