Youth League: Benfica wins in France and equals Lyon in the group lead


Benfica beat the French emblem for the UEFA Youth League.

Lyon and Benfica met on Tuesday afternoon in a match for the fourth round of Group G of the UEFA Youth League, and the incarnates won 3-2.

Jorge Maciel’s side won the match thanks to goals from Úmaro Embaló, the 29th minute, from Brazilian Morato at 35 ‘and Tiago Gouveia at 84’.

In the middle, the French still managed to reduce, through Djibrail Dib (57 ‘), who scored a great goal. Closer to the final whistle at 86 ‘, Wissa also tasted the foot, but Lyon were no longer in time to avoid defeat at the eagles’ feet.

With this triumph Benfica have now added nine points in this group stage of the UEFA Youth League, reaching Lyon in the top of Group G – Éric Hély’s team have the same nine points as the red ones.

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