Youtuber was delighted with Madeira


“Bottled you if I could”

The winters getaway to the island captivated him to the point of making a tribute video to Madeira. Promises to return.

A YouTuber named Vanous spent a week’s vacation in Madeira at the end of January. Long enough to have fallen in love with the island and dedicate a video he posted on the platform.

Hey, are you that good? Damn, are you really that good? Wood, you’re like a drug, I’d bottle you if I could, “Vanous writes. “Even in this winter month offers dozens of wonderful places, stunning views, incredible walks, very good food and warm people. I promise it’s the last time I come here. Visit Madeira! “.

The video titled ‘Madeira: A Winter Escape’ (‘A Winter Escape’) shows some of the beautiful landscapes of the island. It already has more than 7,600 views.

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